The Sorry, Internet. is a bit of an experiment. Here's the idea: You subscribe to the Sorry, Internet. Podcast feed -- and within that feed, I publish several different "series." Each series is denoted by a catalog prefix and number, so when a new episode is pushed, you know what it is just by looking at the name.

So, once you're subscribed to the podcast feed, it's obvious enough that you may not want to listen to every episode of every series. Maybe you only want one series, or maybe you want a few of them but not all of them. My theory here is that it's easier to ask people to delete an episode when one pops up that they don't care about than it is to direct people to however many different podcasts every week.

Currently the series airing are SRY, which is a general series where I talk about something specific, and CFB, which is a series about college football with my friends Andy and Pat.

All episodes will be posted on this site, and are available to stream below via SoundCloud. Here are some more relevant links:

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