TV Shows I've Watched In 2016

I'm challenging myself to keep a list of all the television I watch in 2016. Let's see if I keep it up!

1. Jessica Jones | Netflix | Season 1 | Completed

Katie and I watched this show together, and that made me take a specific angle of appreciating it. I love it as a semi-follow-up to Daredevil, but Katie's never seen Daredevil and she also loved it. It works very well on its own and very well as part of the developing Netflix / Marvel TV universe. I very much enjoy how gritty both of these shows have been, and I hope that'll continue with the Luke Cage series. I also hope we get a Season 2 of Jessica Jones, because Krysten Ritter is awesome the whole way through. And David Tennant does a really great job of making you HATE him.

2. The Wire | HBO | Seasons 1-? | In Progress (started 1/5)

I've never seen The Wire! I know, I know. As of January 11, I'm a whopping two episodes in. 

3. Narcos | Netflix | Season 1 | Completed

Woof. That was a really great first season. I actually don't really know the details of the Escobar story, so toward the end I was wondering whether the show was going to end after one season and it'd just be a one-off like that. It seems like there's more coming, which will definitely be anticipated. Netflix continues to make good television. 

4. Parks & Rec | NBC | Season 7 | Completed

A fitting final season for one of my favorite sitcoms ever. What a great, great show with awesome characters. Leslie Knope will remain one of my favorite television characters for a long time. 

5. LOST | ABC | Seasons 1-? | Started 1/25

We have both seen LOST, and I think Katie's seen it twice. We just watched the pilot. Who knows where life will take us. 

6. House of Cards | Netflix | Season 4 | Completed

7. Daredevil | Netflix | Seasons 1-2 | Started 4/13