I now love pizza soup

I now love pizza soup

Yesterday I made pizza soup at home for dinner. This is the second time Katie and I have had it -- she made a version of it a couple weeks ago and I tried my own stab at it this time. I shared my love for this meal on social media and several folks on the website Twitter.com asked me for a recipe.

This is a good time to note that I did not invent pizza soup. I would never dare to claim this, as the person who invented pizza soup deserves their own spot in the Official Soup Hall of Fame (OSHOF), which is probably headquartered somewhere in the midwestern United States, if I had to guess. I did, however, combine a few different recipes that I found on the web to wind up at the concoction below.

If you're not a meat-eater, I would recommend replacing the ground beef, pepperoni and beef broth with whatever you might use as substitutes in those cases. Or, you can search the web (Google.com is my personal favorite search engine) and other smarter people / better cookers than me have probably done vegetarian and vegan versions of this.

Without further ado, here is the first and perhaps last recipe I will ever post on my blog.

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