Starting out with comic books: Digital or physical?

Starting out with comic books: Digital or physical?

After seeing Batman vs. Superman, and despite not enjoying it all that much, I had the itch to take a proper dive into comic books. This is a format I'm largely unfamiliar with, but I've had desires to explore it many times since I started college. Starting relatively from scratch with comic books is a difficult proposition, though, for many reasons -- and chief among those reasons, in 2016, is whether to read digital or physical. 

There were other things to consider, too. I received a couple boxes of well-maintained comics from my uncle when I was young, so I was familiar with at least the origin stories of DC's most famous characters. (Included among those was the graphic novel A Death In The Family, which I remember reading and actively disliking; most likely, though, I was just confused about why Robin was getting killed. It seemed a little permanent to my teenage self, and I didn't have the attention span to learn about comic book death, or anything else for that matter.)

In the present, though, I had no idea what those characters had been up to in the time between the origin stories and random issues I read, and today. The New 52 from DC didn't seem like the best way to start this process, and the prospect of starting with seminal crossover events like Flashpoint or Crisis on Infinite Earths was straight-up overwhelming.

Truthfully, it's difficult enough just deciding where to begin with one title. Luckily, I knew for sure which character I wanted to read first. 

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