Dan Campbell & Ace Enders - "Thunder Road"


I basically use this blog for almost anything except personal content / life updates, but this post will firmly straddle the line of something personal while also being music-related, which is something I write about plenty enough.

Katie and I got married in March. We had an awesome wedding and reception in Gowanus, and I'll always think it's cool that while living in Brooklyn we were able to host 120 family and friends for our wedding at a place that was just a 20-minute walk away from our apartment.

The party we threw included a bunch of details that reflected things Katie and I like a lot, which was possible mainly because we planned the whole thing ourselves. We served mini empanadas for appetizers; diner was catered by Dos Toros and The Meatball Shop, two restaurants we eat at often; dessert was donuts from DOUGH. Our DJ was awesome, which is something our friends keep mentioning when we talk about the wedding; I'll just drop a link to his website in case you're in the market for a wedding DJ in the tri-state area. Our guest book set-up included a polaroid camera so people could snap a picture and glue it next to whatever they wanted to write.


Another detail that I'll always remember is that our wedding favors were very dope. We asked three of our most musically inclined friends to record covers of songs we like, then we pressed those three songs onto a 12" record. We will always treasure those three songs and the generosity of everyone who recorded them or aided in their recording, along with the helpful guys at A To Z Media, who have pressed nearly 50 Bad Timing Records releases in addition to this specific 12".

Some of these songs played sorta dual roles at our wedding, too. The first track on the 12" is a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Thunder Road" by Dan Campbell and Ace Enders. We loved this recording by Dan and Ace so much that we used it for our first dance. "Thunder Road" is inarguably my favorite song of all time, and Dan and Ace are artists whose music I adore; dancing to that song with Katie was one of the most emotional moments of the night for me in a way I'll never forget.

We wanted to share Dan and Ace's cover of "Thunder Road" a bit more widely, so that's really what prompted me to write about all this. You can listen to the cover below via Bad Timing Records' Bandcamp page. And if you head over to that Bandcamp page, you can grab a download of the cover for $1 (or pay-what-you-want if you'd like to throw in more). All payments from that cover on the BTR Bandcamp will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign, which is the largest LGBTQ civil rights organization in the country.

We also have lots of leftover 12"s since we had to make a minimum, like nearly 100 of these are just in our apartment living room, so I am making the 12"s available as well. We will mail you one in exchange for $13 if you want one. The $13 covers the $5 we paid to manufacture each 12" record, $3 for the LP mailer and other shipping supplies, and $4 for media mail shipping anywhere in the U.S.A. The final $1 on top of that will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign, and if you want to send me $15 or $20 instead, to donate $3 or $8 to the HRC instead of $1, I will not stop you. If you do wind up taking one of the 12"s off our hands, I'll send you a link to download all three tracks from the wedding favor. Update Aug. 28: We blew through all the leftover 12"s we could part with in less than a day, raising over $300 for the HRC in the process! It turned out to be less than 100 records, so I overestimated on that front, but we still went through these much faster than expected and are really grateful to be able to donate to a good cause.

If you have any questions about that or are interested in picking up one of those 12"s, you can email me at thomas [at] badtimingrecords [dot] com.

We hope you enjoy Dan and Ace's cover as much as we do and will take advantage of this opportunity to support the Human Rights Campaign as well!