Mike Mitchell's 'Star Wars' portraits turned into background images

I haven't posted in a while -- been a little busy with some wedding planning and some work things. But since last week was May 4 and all of my social media feeds were ablaze with Star Wars appreciation, I took some time to turn a few of my favorite Mike Mitchell portraits into backgrounds on my desktop. Which, side note: All of the Mitchell portraits are amazing and while you may be currently kicking yourself for missing all of them and not having $300 to blow on eBay right now, rest assured they'll (probably) make more. Sign up for the Mondo newsletter if you want to find out when they're released.

Anyway, that Instagram post got enough likes, and enough people asked about the backgrounds, that I decided to turn the rest of Mitchell's portraits into desktop backgrounds as well. Then I made backgrounds sized for iPhone 7 screens and iPhone 7 Plus screens to boot. Here are all of those for download.

I will note that I'm not the best at Photoshop, and I didn't dedicate too much time to any single one of these. If you notice anything odd, feel free to let me know and I'll update the image in Dropbox.

Currently I'm reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, which is taking longer than a normal read because I've been preoccupied with politics-centric podcasts like Pod Save America and the rest of the Crooked Media family recently due to current events. I am really enjoying that book though. I've been putting The Maine's Lovely Little Lonely and Sorority Noise's You're Not As _____ As You Think on repeat, for the most part, while keeping up with Riverdale on the CW. After I finish Kavalier & Clay, I fully plan on diving into the recent Archie Comics reboot via the trade paperbacks that have come out so far, so I'll have some posts on those (and probably everything else I mentioned above) in the near future.

May the Force be with you.