Tennessee Hate Week is almost over, so better late than never

We are almost through the week known to Florida Gators fans as Tennessee Hate Week, so it's time to post a piece of Tennessee-hating lore that has become a favorite amongst many fanbases that dislike the Volunteers. It is one of my all-time favorite YouTube videos. I should have posted this on Monday, but with UT Hate Week almost coming to an end, it's better late than never:

For posterity and general fun, I have transcribed the full video as closely as humanly possible:

Alright man, uh, just, uh, say what you've been saying, man. Why do you hate Tennessee?
Man, I hate Tennessee because, first of all, it's Tennessee. And, I ... I ... I just hate them. Because they, they, they're low-down, they're dirty, they're some snitches. And I hate Philip Fulmer, I hate their colors, I'm not a dog person. I just, I just hate Tennessee, man, like. And, I, hrmph. I hate Neyland Stadium. It looks like a garbage truck worker convention. And I hate all their quarterbacks. I just, I hate Tennessee, man. 
Describe what you feel about their colors, too. I thought that was interesting.
It, it, it reminds me, it, and it's not that orange that you can stand, see, I hate Tennessee more than I hate Auburn. I just dislike Auburn. I hate Tennessee. See, Tennessee's colors, it's that, it's that throw-up orange, it's not that orange that you can sit with. It's that puke inside of a pumpkin orange, that -- and I don't like pumpkins. So, I just, I just, I don't, I really don't like Tennessee, man, I can't stress that enough, man. And, they ... they ... they're losers, they're sore losers, because they, they're not Alabama, and, I, I hate Tennessee, man. 
That was beautiful man, probably the best interview I've done all year. Thank you, man.
[off camera] I do, man. I can't stress that enough, I hate Tennessee.