Head North - "God, Bring It Back"

Head North released a new song called "God (Bring It Back)," which is from their new album and first full-length, The Last Living Man Alive Ever In The History Of The World. The record is not coming out on Bad Timing Records (we released their Bloodlines EP and co-released a split with them and Microwave), but I'm blogging about this song because I really like it and I think this band is very dope.

There are a lot of layers on this track; Brent's vocals are a bit distorted and they compete for your attention with really great-sounding percussion. An acoustic guitar sets the melody early on, and overall I think this song is a fair amount more melodic than their work on Bloodlines. It's really wild to see their jump from that EP to this first full-length, and I'm looking forward to seeing how people react to the new stuff.

I've given the new album a few spins and overall I find it to be a super interesting and uncommon take on the general alternative / indie rock scene. It's unique amongst the popular indie records that came out last year and that have come out so far this year, and I do think people will gravitate for it (especially among fall-time weather) if they're looking for something off the beaten path and such. I'll be rooting hard as hell for this band as they continue to find their way; their creative vision is extraordinary and they're dedicated enough to pull it off. Their future is bright.