A Day To Remember - "Bad Vibrations"

A Day To Remember released a new song today, "Bad Vibrations," the title track from their new album, which drops on August 19. This band has been pretty interesting to cover over the past six years: Their last LP release in 2013 was marred by all the lawsuits that were going on with Victory Records, and they still managed a career-high debut sales week of 93,000 copies amidst all that. Pretty impressive considering there was almost no proper lead-up to that album.

I'm not saying that ADTR is a terrific band, but I do feel there aren't many groups that are as consistently good at doing their thing. They occupy a specific space, and are one of the only bands in that space -- whatever space is defined by radio-rock-ish songs that include Actual Screaming. They aren't quite friendly enough for the pop charts, but each album has enough pop-rock on it to deliver a successful alt-rock or heavy-rock radio hit or two, and each release has seen them explore more extreme ends of their poppy and heavy sides. When they get heavy, like they do on "Bad Vibrations," it's usually balanced out by going really, really poppy on another song. I wonder if this new album will continue that formula. 

ADTR will probably be poised for another huge debut week with this record. They're the main support for Blink-182's huge summer tour, which begins at the end of July; Bad Vibrations will come out smack in the middle of that tour, during what we should expect to be a pretty massive marketing effort, and I imagine ADTR will follow that with a big headliner of their own later this year or early next year. Topping 100K seems difficult, but not outside the realm of possibility; All Time Low debuted last year with 75K and ADTR should beat that number handily. Also worthy of noting is that Bad Vibrations is coming out via ADTR Records, which is distributed by Epitaph according to the title track's YouTube description. 

This group has quietly been one of my favorites to keep track of even as my interest in their output has declined. I think it's cool to see how these really big bands from our scene manage themselves as they continue to grow larger and larger, so the Bad Vibrations release cycle will be something I keep an eye on over the next couple of months.