My 'Star Wars' Funko POP! Collection


Soon after watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December, I got the semi-nostalgic itch to buy toys of my new favorite characters. I had action figures from the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy when I was young, and I had a desire to find some cool collectibles of Rey, Finn, Poe, BB-8 and Kylo Ren at the very least. 

It didn't take too much searching to decide that Funko's POP! bobbleheads were the coolest Star Wars toys on the market, for my money. These POP! collectibles are super popular and I already had a couple of them, so I immediately went ahead and bought the aforementioned characters as well as Captain Phasma, Chewie, and some retailer-specific exclusives of Rey and Finn. I was luckily to get in on the first wave of availability for these characters; not too long after the movie came out in theaters, it became really difficult to find Rey anywhere. 

Just to get this out of the way -- I do have one pretty big problem with these POP! bobbleheads. It's that they're bobbleheads. I really, really wish they weren't. The normal POP! collectibles have fixed heads that are slightly moveable, but certainly not bobbable, and that model is way better IMO. I don't actually hate that the heads bobble (for some characters like BB-8 it's actually pretty awesome), but I'm generally worried that their heads will bob off down the road. 

Anyway, a few weeks back I added a few more of these to my new collection, and I just ordered a few more on Amazon today. I decided that I wanted to keep a list of the bobbleheads that I've got so far, with accompanying photos as well. This is more for personal record than anything else, but I thought I might as well put it on my blog while I was at it. 

This is the list of the pieces I have so far, followed by pictures of each one in a gallery. I'm not really trying to collect all of them by any means -- there are some characters that I'm just not super interested in having on my shelf. My gameplan at the moment is to pick up the characters I like most, in addition to seeking out the retailer-exclusive variants of Rey and Finn (and maybe Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren at some point down the line). I don't have any bobbleheads from the original trilogy yet, but I may go down that rabbit hole eventually as well, picking up my favorite characters from those. Katie is starting to roll her eyes at the number of these on top of our bookcase, so I'm trying to keep the collection to some kind of relative minimum. 

Edit: I actually do have a couple bobbleheads from the original trilogy -- the first one I picked up was the Smuggler's Bounty exclusive variant of Ben Kenobi. It was just too good to pass up, and that made me sign up for the Smuggler's Bounty box subscription, which led to me getting the awesome Boba Fett Jetpack and IG-88 POP!s in the mail.

58) Rey
59) Finn
60) Kylo Ren
61) BB-8
62) Poe Dameron
63) Chewbacca
64) C-3PO
65) Captain Phasma
66) First Order Stormtrooper
73) Rey With Goggles [Hot Topic]
76) Finn As Stormtrooper [Gamestop]
99) Ben Kenobi [Smuggler's Bounty]
100) FN-2187 Bloody Handprint [Target]
102) Boba Fett [Smuggler's Bounty]
103) IG-88 [Smuggler's Bounty]