Podcast rec: Celebration Rock with Steven Hyden

I subscribed to Steven Hyden's new podcast, Celebration Rock, when he had Modern Baseball on the show a while back to talk about their new album and life at large. At the time, I'd just watched the documentary that Modern Baseball had released, and Hyden's interview with the band was an interesting follow-up that shed some more light on some of the topics that short documentary touched on. 

More recently, Hyden had music writer Amanda Petrusich on board to talk about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and how it can be fixed. This was an especially interesting episode, seeing as how Petrusich is a HOF voter herself. His most recent guest (on an episode which I haven't listened to yet)  is Chuck Klosterman, so Hyden is showing that he'll have no shortage of interesting people on this show with him. 

Hyden is thorough and readily willing to pick things apart, which should come as no surprise given his work at Grantland, and a very solid interviewer to boot. I'm looking forward to seeing how this show develops as Hyden continues to find his groove.