Movie rec: 'Chef'

Katie and I watched Chef over the weekend, and it was the most enjoyable film I've watched in a while. It's a feel-good story, doesn't take itself too seriously, pretty consistently funny, and there are many scenes devoted to watching people cook very delicious-looking food. You will have three primary urges while watching it: You'll want to make a grilled cheese, and when you make it it'll disappoint you, then you'll want to book a plane ticket to New Orleans, then you'll want to go outside and find a place that serves Cuban sandwiches.

Jon Favreau is the writer / director / leading man here, and he is great in it. He had some very active years doing mainstream, high-budget work (Iron Man and other Avengers-related things), but you can tell that he wanted to dig into his indie background here and write a story that had a widely applicable backbone to it. He said about as much in this Food and Wine feature: "Favreau wrote Chef less from a fascination with food or the restaurant business, and more as a way to tell a universal tale. "It's about losing the part of yourself that launched you," he says."

Chef has an 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, I can't imagine who wouldn't like it, and it's on Netlfix. Enjoy!