AOTY Contender Series: Modern Baseball - 'Holy Ghost'

 First, a sidebar: The idea here is to highlight albums each week that are album of the year contenders for me this year. I already have a semi-formed idea of which albums are really in the final running to be #1, so this series is more meant to highlight albums that I've loved to a great enough extent that they gave me that type of feeling. Here's all of the pieces so far.

Duh! Modern Baseball's Holy Ghost took the top spot on my mid-year albums of the year list, and has as good a shot as anything else of being #1 come EOTY time. Also -- side note -- oddly enough, I haven't really sat down and figured out my list yet, even though I've been writing these blogs for a few weeks. I plan on doing that Tuesday in preparation for recording an episode of Chorus with Jason about our favorite albums.

Holy Ghost (Apple Music / iTunes, Spotify, YouTube embedded below, Bandcamp, vinyl) continues to stand head and shoulders above many of the albums I've heard this year. It has a great emotional range complemented by a big leap in songwriting from MoBo on an instrumental level. And though it has very focused inspirations, it manages to appeal broadly to a wide audience, whatever the listener is going through.

Watching this material performed live a few times this year has additionally enhanced my appreciation for it. Modern Baseball is a band firing on all cylinders, certainly a band with a capacity to continue to grow artistically and in terms of popularity, evidently a band that's barely beginning to scratch its surface. I've already said it, but I'll say it again: More of this kinda stuff from MoBo puts them in a spot to become that next band that's often rumored, but rarely found.

Much like the PUP album I wrote about a couple weeks back, I don't feel like I have a lot to pour out about this album right now. That's because I already made my feelings about it clear in a blog from earlier this year, and I neither feel like repeating myself nor like forcing a new take on the album for the purposes of this write-up. Suffice to say, for now, that Holy Ghost is a rewarding effort from Modern Baseball, a band that I've sure had a lot of fun watching grow up over the past few years. Suffice to say that they're going not going anywhere in terms of personal relevance for me, and that their release this year is on my super-short list for my AOTY.

Part 7 of the AOTY Contender Series.