Week 8 pick-em update: Surprisingly everything is fine

I forgot to update this space two weeks ago after Week 6, to post my progress on how good/bad I am doing in my quest to predict the winner of every college football game this season.

My first check-in was after Week 2, when I had a scorching .810 picking percentage. After Week 4, that average dropped to .773 and I was pretty okay with that. Following that depreciation, I would expect my average now (after Week 8) to be .705, but I'm currently sitting at 368-137, which is .728.

I'm very happy with this, considering that I whiffed big on a few teams. Notre Dame and Stanford and Oregon are losing tons of games that I had them winning, and the ACC turned in some surprising performances, especially with Virginia Tech being awesome but still losing to Syracuse for no reason.

After Week 4, here's what I figured would be successful by year's end: "I think if I finish with a .600 average or above, that's a good job; .650 would be awesome and .700 or higher would be genuinely baffling to me." I think I'm on pace to be awesome, at least...but we'll see. Conference games are always tough to predict.

For reference, here's a publicly viewable copy of my spreadsheet and here's a public version of the spreadsheet that you can make a copy of if you feel like predicting the back half of the season.

Now, for fun, here are some teams I had a particularly good bead on this year:

Teams I'm perfect picking:

  • Boston College
  • Clemson
  • Georgia Tech
  • Louisville
  • Michigan (a note: I am 1-6 picking Michigan State, lol)
  • Penn State (100 emoji)
  • Arizona
  • Kansas, obviously
  • South Florida

Teams I have one loss picking:

  • Alabama (had em losing to Arky)
  • Florida (had em beating Tenn)
  • Missouri (had em beating Middle Tennessee State...c'mon y'all)
  • South Carolina (had em losing to Vandy)
  • Florida State (had em beating North Carolina)
  • Pittsburgh (had em beating Oklahoma State)
  • Minnesota (had em losing to Maryland)
  • Ohio State (had em losing to Oklahoma...but I called that Penn State loss!)
  • Purdue (had em losing to Illinois)
  • Rutgers (had em beating Illinois...fucking Illinois)
  • Colorado (had em losing to Oregon)
  • Oregon State (had em losing to Cal)
  • Southern Cal (had em beating Utah)
  • Washington (had em losing to Oregon ... I am 2-5 picking Oregon games this year)
  • Baylor (had em losing to Oklahoma State)
  • Iowa State (had em beating UNI...smh)
  • Oklahoma (had em beating Ohio State)
  • TCU (had em beating Arkansas)
  • Texas Tech (had em beating Kansas State)
  • West Virginia (had em losing to BYU)
  • Appalachian State (had em beating Miami heh)
  • San Diego State (had em beating South Alabama)