On 'Matter of Time,' and my path to Kevin Devine's music

Every Kevin Devine fan has a different path through which they discovered his music. I feel like a lot of people might have gotten there through songs like "Cotton Crush" or "Brother's Blood," some of KD's most popular tunes, where you hear something and become enthralled, then dig deeper and find the rest of an amazing discography waiting for you. 

Others may have found him at a show, maybe touring with Manchester Orchestra or Brand New or The Front Bottoms, and been completely blown away by the live performance. Watching him perform something like "No Time Flat" (whether he's alone with his acoustic guitar or playing louder with The Goddamn Band) is something that sticks with you. 

My own path to discovering most of Kevin's music was an odd amalgamation of these two things. I was sitting in my friend Matt's car and he told me I had to listen to something, and he told me it was 14 minutes long (which I wasn't stoked about) but that I should really pay attention to it. It was "Buried By The Buzz" / "Carnival" / "Another Bag of Bones" from what was then the Matter of Time live tour EP, a few songs tracked live in a studio in Brooklyn that KevDev released in 2012 to drum up support for an upcoming tour. I remember listening to those three songs, all smashed together, for 14 minutes and being pretty blown away in a number of ways: I couldn't believe that it was a live recording because it sounded so good, and I couldn't believe I didn't own all of the music this guy had ever released. 

As far as Kevin's discography goes, Matter of Time can feel criminally overlooked. It's a beautiful idea: Kevin wanted to record it after two years of heavy touring with The Goddamn Band, because he felt the group was really in charge of the songs and of their stage presence. This turned out to be a great call, as Matter of Time captures these 15 songs in a way that their respective studio album recordings don't. Fans of Kevin's know his live shows are a pretty sacred thing, and I think this live album is the best way to have access to that sacred thing whenever you want. It's still my favorite KevDev release.

Bad Timing Records is pressing Matter of Time for the very first time on vinyl, which I'm hoping will breathe new life into a release that every Kevin Devine fan should learn and love. It's been remastered for vinyl and digital (sounding better than ever now), and Chris Bracco from The Goddamn Band made some really stunning new art for it. 

Needless to say, this is a pretty special BTR release for me on a personal level. It's actually the first release we talked to Kevin about doing -- before the Brother's Blood repress or She Can See Me 7" or Devinyl Splits series. It's taken awhile to come around, but I'm so, so excited that it's finally here. 

You can pre-order it from the Bad Timing Records webstore beginning tomorrow at 2pm EST.