The Incomparable's 'Star Wars' Saga


Over the past several weeks, I've managed to sneak in listens to old episodes of The Incomparable amongst my regular podcast listening. The Incomparable is a podcast hosted by Jason Snell, where Snell and a rotating panel of guests discuss (mostly nerdy) pop culture, including books, movies, television, comics, etc. For a reference point, one of my favorite episodes is #245, "Incomparable, Assemble!," where Snell and five others break down the latest Avengers film. 

There's been a reason for my foray into significantly old episodes (two of these date back more than four years). Snell & Co. have done a two-part episode for every single Star Wars film to date. Yes, including the prequels. I'm actually not quite through with all these I'm writing this blog, I've just started the first part of the Return of the Jedi episode. 

I actually started down this road because I wanted to hear big Star Wars nerds talk about the prequel trilogy in an intelligent way, to consume a really thoughtful deconstruction of those films. That didn't disappoint, and I obviously moved onto their original trilogy podcast from there. Also, I think I'd recommend listening to these in that order (by Star Wars episode number), because I've found that deconstructing the prequels so thoroughly made for really enjoyable listens to the original trilogy discussions. 

The reason these are so great, and the reason I'm writing a whole blog about this, is because Snell assembled a really great cast around him to break down these movies. John Siracusa is naturally on board, and provides the exact type of insight you want if you' Level 1-10 Star Wars nerd, because this guy is on Level 100. Dan Moren is similarly nerdy, while the other guests provide great input as well (I especially enjoyed Serenity Caldwell during the prequels, partially because she's a bit closer to my age).

These have been great to listen to while I await my first viewing of The Force Awakens on Friday. If you want a refresher on the original trilogy ... well, you should just watch the dang movies, because they actually spend more time talking about the films than the films actually take to play out in full. (And, if you're going to watch them, watch these versions.) But if, like me, you've recently completed your re-watch of the Star Wars saga or at least the original trilogy, this might be a nice way to spend several hours before your own Force Awakens viewing.

I broke out links for all the relevant episodes, and all of these links are for Overcast, my favorite podcast app. If you use Apple's native podcast app, just go find The Incomparable and download these by episodes number. 

Episode #46: I Like My Coffee Like My Evil Sith Lords (A New Hope, Part 1)
Episode #47: Death Star University (A New Hope, Part 2)

Episode #67: Darth Vader's Office Is Really Weird (The Empire Strikes Back, Part 1)
Episode #68: Jedi Weekend (The Empire Strikes Back, Part 2)

Episode #88: Skywalker's Eleven (Return of the Jedi, Part 1)
Episode #89: Also Known As Endor (Return of the Jedi, Part 2)

Episode #136: We Waited 16 Years For This? (The Phantom Menace, Part 1)
Episode #137: Go Wash A Droid (The Phantom Menace, Part 2)

Episode #182: Full-Fledged Force Mullet (Attack of the Clones, Part 1)
Episode #183: How I Sold Your Mother (Attack of the Clones, Part 2)

Episode #237: Force Denier (Revenge of the Sith, Part 1)
Episode #238: Caucus with the Dark Side (Revenge of the Sith, Part 2)