CFB-003: Special Guest Andy Hutchins & Empty Duke Fans


We have a very special episode of the Sorry, Internet. Podcast this week. CFB-003 starts out with Andy and I talking to Andy Hutchins, who runs Alligator Army, which is the official Florida Gators blog for SB Nation. Though we had difficulties having two people named Andy on the show, it was a pleasure to talk to...A-Hutch....about the Florida-Georgia game, Antonio Callaway's spot in Florida freshman lore, and dig in on why this season is so enjoyable for Gators fans. 

Then...A-Hutch...drops off and we're joined by Regular Co-Host Pat. The three of us get into Week 9 results, including how empty Duke fans must be, before tackling some Week 10 lines, including LSU-Bama, which is a game that should be fine. 

It was a real pleasure to have Andy Hutchins on the show this week, so a big thank-you to him. He's a person who covers the Gators every day, so if you happen to be a Gator fan yourself, follow him on Twitter (and Alligator Army as well). We're toying with the idea of having additional guests in the future, but there's also the issue of us being a lame dinky podcast, so we're trying to figure that out.

You can learn more about the Sorry, Internet. Podcast here (including info about how to subscribe on whatever podcast client you use), and find CFB-003 on SoundCloud.