Holy hell, there's a new Moving Mountains song

I won't claim to be some sort of lifelong Moving Mountains fan, but their 2013 self-titled full-length was my fifth-favorite album of 2013 (and, in retrospect, would rank higher on that year's list). That made it all the more bummer-y when the band essentially stopped being active right after that album came out, and all the more more bummer-y when I couldn't attend their last show in Brooklyn. 

The announcement of their hiatus, or break, or whatever, came just a touch over two years ago. Today the band released the first of two new songs to be featured on a split with Prawn via Stereogum. The track, titled "Deathless," is exactly the type of sweeping post-rock that I grew enamored with on Moving Mountains, and it's somewhat incredible that the band can just pick up right where they left off. 

This band is the type that will perhaps fade in and out of consciousness as they find themselves compelled to write new music, and perhaps be forever under-appreciated amongst the general AbsolutePunk world, but they're without a doubt one of the most talented acts amongst that scene. "Deathless" ebbs back and forth in a perfect swaying kind of way, with acoustic guitars, soft vocals and strings never quite reaching an apex, but nonetheless gliding effortlessly throughout seven pretty blissful minutes. It's stunning and beautiful in the precise way I'd expect from this band.

I'm excited to hear the second song from this split, and hopeful like hell that we'll get another Moving Mountains full-length one day. That self-titled LP I previously mentioned still gets a lot of run from me, especially during nice fall days like today, and I'd highly recommend giving that one a listen (Apple Music, YouTube) if you've never heard it.