Our 'Force Awakens' plan


A bunch of Star Wars fans probably tuned into Monday Night Football for the first time last night. 

During the broadcast, a preview trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was aired, and tickets went on sale immediately after that trailer finished. It seemed like some tickets were accidentally made available early, because even before the trailer was on TV, the major movie ticket websites had their servers overloaded and completely failed to load. 


Fandango, MovieTickets.com, AMC, Regal Theaters, every website I tried that night, was down. I finally got through on Fandango and purchased tickets to a 9:30pm showing on opening night, which I was satisfied with -- I was extremely worried that if I waited until the next day, I'd wind up getting locked out of just about every decent opening night showing in NYC. 

However, it turns out that Katie's company holiday party is December 17, the night Star Wars opens. So I refunded my tickets on Tuesday and we have a new plan now for seeing the most anticipated movie of our lives:

Showing 1: December 18. We decided that if we weren't going to see The Force Awakens on opening night, we might as well go all-out with plans to watch it. We're going to take this Friday off work and see a mid-day showing at a theater in the Upper West Side that has reclining leather seats. Your boy is going to be mad comfortable while watching this thing. 

Showing 2: The following week. Here's a crazy thing -- New York City only has one legitimate IMAX theater. Like, with a proper-sized IMAX screen and such. That's at the AMC in Lincoln Square, and apparently Star Wars fans in the city are well aware of this. I went through every showing from Dec. 18 through Christmas until I was able to find any showing that had even decent seats available. I finally found one where we could actually get seats in the back/top row, but it was truly insane that ~50 showings were effectively already sold out. 

I'm very happy with this plan. Both of our showings have reserved seating, so we're not going to have to show up an hour before the film starts to get decent seats. We also get to experience it in both 3D and IMAX 3D in these two showings, and I'll certainly go see a normal 2D showing in between. I'm just glad to know that I'm contributing a solid $50 to what will be the largest opening box-office weekend in history. 

More importantly, I'm endlessly excited to watch the movie, which as I said, is likely my personal most anticipated movie of all time. With Katie being a similarly frantic Star Wars fan, I can pretty safely say that we'll never have such combined anticipation for maybe any media again. This movie is just something that I never thought would exist, but I sure am happy that it does.