Foxing - 'Dealer'

Photo by Mitchell Wojcik. 

Photo by Mitchell Wojcik. 

Here's an album that I've already recommended multiple times on Encore, and an album that I won't be able to recommend enough this fall. Foxing streamed Dealer late last week on WIRED, which is a pretty odd place to premiere an indie-rock record but I suppose if you're not being wacky in your premieres these days, you're not doing it right. 


Through and through, Dealer is a quiet wrecking ball: Its opening track, "Weave," is crushingly beautiful; its lead single, "The Magdalene," is simply masterful indie-rock with stark and thought-provoking lyricism about religion and sex; its second-half highlight, "Glass Coughs," begs to be listened to motionless, in the dark, and I mean that in the best way possible. Its closer, "Three On A Match," haunts you until you re-start the album.

Dealer is lush and lavish at its best sonic moments, with vocalist Conor Murphy improving notably since 2013's The Albatross (and that's saying something, because he was no slouch on that LP). It's a record meant for chilly evenings and nights, a record that I haven't taken a day off listening to since I received it. It'll be a top five album of the year for me, in close contention with their fall tour-mates The World Is A Beautiful Place... and a few others for my top spot. 

Speaking of that tour: I've only ever seen Foxing once, on tour with Modern Baseball late last year. At that one show, the guitarist in this band broke his guitar on the stage, which marks the only instance I've ever seen someone actually smash the shit out of an instrument in person. It was incredible and notable and memorable not just because of the guitar-smashing aspect, but because it was the climax of an insanely intense live set. In the moment, it seemed as though that guy had no choice but to smash the shit out of his guitar. I'm pretty sure he would have exploded otherwise. Go see this band play a show this year. And listen to Dealer below, or over here.