Starting a dang podcast: Sorry!

Today the Sorry, Internet. podcast is officially available on iTunes, Overcast and SoundCloud! What a huge day for the whole world!

I have some experience podcasting now with Jason Tate on Encore (aka the podcast formerly known as the Podcast). It's been Encore for 24 hours now, get with it!

Based on that experience, I wanted to start my own -- a podcast where I can be responsible for managing everything, editing the audio, etc. Plus, quite a few friends have asked me to start podcasts recently, but I don't want to have like six of them ... so I came up with an idea, and that idea is going to be the Sorry, Internet. podcast feed. 

My idea is this. You subscribe to the one Sorry, Internet. podcast feed -- and within that feed, I publish several different "series." Each series is denoted by a catalog prefix and number, so when a new episode is pushed, you know what it is just by looking at the name. The first two episodes are:

SRY-000: An Introduction To The Podcast
CFB-000: Origin Stories & Apocalypse Iowa

Follow me here. SRY-000 and CFB-000 are the catalog numbers for these two episodes. The SRY series is going to be me or me and guest, very short and sweet episodes, talking or ranting about something random. The CFB series is me and my friends Andy and Pat, talking about college football. The first episode of that one might interest people who aren't even fans of college football -- it comes from a more emotional / personal standpoints for the most part. 

So, once you're subscribed to the podcast feed, it's obvious enough that you may not want to listen to every episode of every series. Maybe you only want one series, or maybe you want a few of them but not all of them. My theory here is that it's easier to ask people to delete an episode when one pops up that they don't care about than it is to direct people to however many different podcasts every week. 

That's the idea here. I'm super excited about the CFB series with Andy and Pat. You can listen to the first two episodes below (via SoundCloud), or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or via Overcast. If you listen, that's awesome, and kinda surprising, and I really appreciate you. 

PS: More new series will be starting soon, though I'm not sure when yet. Some info about those in the SRY-000 episode.