This Is Encore

Jason and I have been doing the Podcast together for quite a while now, and we just put up the 100th episode of the podcast today -- complete with a lot of new changes. 


The podcast has a new name -- it's called Encore now -- and a cool new logo. It's going to be the same idea, with Jason and I talking about music and music news once a week, so we aren't planning any major changes to the format. If you're already a subscriber, you won't have to re-subscribe or anything either; your podcast player should already be updated, and it will be soon if it hasn't happened yet. If you haven't subscribed yet, you can find all those relevant links on the podcast page of this website

We've been working toward this for about three months now, so it's extremely exciting to finally launch this "re-brand" or whatever you would call it. We made a Teespring campaign with T-shirts featuring the Encore logo -- I already bought both of them! -- as an easy way for people who are regular listeners to support the podcast. We'll actually (hopefully) see some return on these shirts, and we're going to use that profit to try out some new things on the show. Maybe some guests and things like that. 

There's no reason to get too long-winded on this blog post, though -- if you're interested in hearing more about all this, just check out the new episode. Thanks to everyone who listens to the podcast. I never thought we'd make it to 100 episodes, and it'll be super cool if we manage to make it to 200.