My name is Thomas Nassiff and I write this blog. 

I'm an associate director of content strategy at AT&T / DIRECTV in New York City. I also co-own and operate a record label called Bad Timing Records with my partner Zack Zarrillo and I was, for a while, the co-host of a podcast called Encore with Jason Tate. Now, I co-host a podcast with Zack about Bad Timing Records called Timing Is Everything. You can subscribe to Timing Is Everything via Apple Podcasts, Overcast, or I'll leave it up to you to find it if you use a different app.

Formerly, I've been a senior editor at, a web content manager at Fuse, the label manager at Paper + Plastick Records, a freelance music writer and publicist and other things here and there. You can find out more about my work experience, past and present, on the website where I keep that stuff

This personal blog was started immediately after I stopped writing for AbsolutePunk, where I was on staff for over five years. I want to have a place to write freely: About music, like I have for a long time, about my goal to read more and more books, about my intention to foray firmly into the world of comics, and about whatever else I feel like writing about. If you read it, thank you; if you don't, that's okay too. Thanks for stopping by.